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self portrait, los angeles

jan 2014


Another preview of a coordinate that I’m wearing during Sakuracon! This one is more Fairy-key/Creepy Cute.

  • Lavender seifuku from Bodyline
  • Pastel bats sweater from Hello Cavities 
  • Hat from H&M with a pin by Candy Bats
  • Necklace and Ring from Dreamy Stardust 2014 Lucky Pack and Milky Lavender Night tights by Holley Tea Time

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" Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you. "

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Saw some people doing this so here’s my favorite outfits of 2013 :D

Motivation to make 2014 better than 2013! Half the year is creeping in real quick but there’s still plenty of time for good changes :D

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i drew this yesterday but thought i’d wait until the episode aired to post it

her husbands just keep dying don’t they c:

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$2,500.00 Titanium and Gold Lip Pearl Linerlock

This knife is from Suchat’s New Diamond Edition. This liner locking folder features a carved Robert Calcinore Mosaic Damascus blade. The handle has carved titanium bolsters, carved gold lip pearl scales with pink/green/yellow stone inserts, carved matching Damascus rear bolsters, and carved and anodized titanium liners and back-spacer.

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